"... we are sonorous germany
we love to create and develop living comfort!"

What we do


We manufacture high quality audiovisual furniture in our facilities in europe to meet your expectations anytime.


We create and develope trendy and timeless audiovisual designed furniture to meet always the pulse of the time.


We have built up an infrastructure for warehousing and logistics across Europe to ensure optimum availability for your orders.


We trust in our products and services, so can you too! Therefore, we give 5 years warranty!


The Design

Contemporary design, matching proportions, harmonious colors, and refined functions. In contrast, it is difficult to put across the high level of quality that is typical of Sonorous. We would like to share with you the three most important quality characteristics that make each Sonorous model so special everything from the and the guarantee conditions.

The Models

The taste of our customers is as different as their homes. Sonorous therefore offers you the opportunity to adapt your desired model to your personal style from among different models. Because only the right combinations of material and color enable design and space to be shown off to their best advantage and you to be happy.

The Warranty

A company that wants to ensure that its products are enjoyed for many years must be able to guarantee them too. When it comes to quality and workmanship Sonorous has a requirement orientation that goes well above the average and therefore sets benchmarks. The strict quality standards of Sonorous, as well as the test and quality conditions of the TUV ensure the greatest possible quality to each Sonorous product.

Audiovisual Furniture GmbH - Germany
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